Viewpoint: Dealing with Climate Change

23 DEC,2019 | MEDC



There is growing scientific consensus about the adverse economic effects of global warming and climate change. Every measurable data point suggests that things are going downhill. All over the world, the weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Summers are getting hotter and winters are getting colder. Fragile ecologies such as the Himalayas are likely to be hardest hit. Climate scientists believe that if the average temperature rises just by 1.5 degrees centigrade, 350 million people will be exposed to drought, and around 120 million will be pushed below the poverty line. This could happen as early as a decade from now. In this context, planting trees in vast swathes of lands in Asia and Africa to combat pollution is much cheaper than doing so in most of the developed world. In the global economy, there still exist low hanging fruits viz. cheaper options for the international community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Suitable markets need to be designed for sustained investment in the greening of the economy, especially in developing countries like India. That will provide nations like ours the golden opportunity to leapfrog into much cleaner futures. The need of the hour for India and many other emerging economies is to play the differentiation game in incentivizing green investments. The future we seek has to be the future we start creating today. All of us are stakeholders in ensuring that we make enough of a difference to give Mother Nature a fighting chance for her very survival, as well as that of us all.


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