Sectoral Review: Fuel Usage and Environmental Pollution in India

23 APR,2019 | MEDC


Sectoral Review: Fuel Usage and Environmental Pollution in India

A recent study from IIT Delhi has shown that India could make a major dent in air pollution and prevent over a quarter of a million premature deaths every year simply by curbing emissions from dirty household fuels such as wood, dung, coal, and kerosene. Eliminating the use of these fuels could reduce air pollution-related deaths in the country by about 13%. As the Indian economy modernizes, we need to shift to alternative fuels like natural gas, including shale and methane. Electricity and nuclear power could also be considered for driving every sector of economic activity, including agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation. India needs to invest a lot more in the development of alternative energies if we are to improve the quality of life for the next generation.

A fuel-inefficient India is heading towards an energy crisis, and that needs to be averted. Whenever their monthly budget gets hit, people find ways of saving fuel – either they use less of it or buy lower-grade cheaper fuel to save money, thus ruining the environment in the process. India is importing more and more of the crude it needs, and the fact remains that most of it is being used in the transportation sector. Since there is no economic substitute for the transportation sector, the way out is to develop mass transit systems and enhance the energy efficiency of vehicles currently in use. The move to electric vehicles is a step in the right direction. More incentives should be provided for the development of alternative fuels which are cleaner and cheaper than those currently used, and whose adoption will benefit the economy in the long run.

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