Archived Articles (May 2021)

  • Viewpoint: Building data infrastructure

    MEDC | 30 MAY,2021

      Building data infrastructure is a key policy factor helping to ensure equitable access to opportunity in today’s world for the socioeconomically marginalized. ... Read more

  • Enhancing trust in governance

    MEDC | 30 MAY,2021

      The need of the hour is to emerge successfully from Covid. However, in the process, we don’t seem to be paying enough attention to the vital role that trust in p... Read more

  • Climate change and financial management

    MEDC | 30 MAY,2021

      It is likely that banks worldwide will face new capital requirements that reflect how exposed their balance sheets are to global warming and climate change considerati... Read more

  • The aftermath of Cyclone Tauktae

    MEDC | 30 MAY,2021

      The government of Maharashtra has approved a Rs. 252 crore economic package for the people in the coastal areas of the Konkan affected by cyclone Tauktae, which hit th... Read more

  • Viewpoint: Cyclone Tauktae and Environmental Sustainability

    MEDC | 23 MAY,2021

      Cyclone Tauktae battered the Konkan coastline earlier this week, unleashing a trail of destruction in most of the littoral districts of Maharashtra. Tauktae – ... Read more

  • Reform urban planning

    MEDC | 23 MAY,2021

    Covid has shown us that a better use of all available public land (especially in urban areas) can aidsocioeconomic resilience. Where the value of a piece of land when develope... Read more

  • Focus on effective vaccination

    MEDC | 23 MAY,2021

    Many of today’s vaccination-related dilemmas in India can only be adequately addressed when the supply-side strengthens itself. Existing vaccines need to be licensed/man... Read more

  • Lockdowns and economic scarring

    MEDC | 23 MAY,2021

    The economic scars left by the second waveof Covid are likely to outlive the lockdowns, and managing them effectively is key to India’s chances of attaining pre-pandemic... Read more

  • Viewpoint: How Covid is reshaping systems

    MEDC | 16 MAY,2021

      China was the epicentre of the pandemic, but also the first major economy to contain it in a sustainable manner. However, the rest of the world has not been so lucky... Read more

  • Rising cash in circulation

    MEDC | 16 MAY,2021

      At around 14.6% of GDP, currency in circulation in India is currently at its highest in a decade. People seem to be stocking up in anticipation of Covid-related medica... Read more

  • Encouraging private investment

    MEDC | 16 MAY,2021

      India’s former chief economic advisor once pointed out that a major issue with private investment in India was stigmatized capital – private sector investo... Read more

  • Handling the second wave

    MEDC | 16 MAY,2021

      Many of the criticisms of the government’s handling of the evolving Covid situation are based on hindsight. Of course, this is not to minimize the underlying tra... Read more

  • Transiting to Digital Learning

    MEDC | 10 MAY,2021

    Introduction Covid has had an unprecedented impact on the education system worldwide. The unprecedented closure of educational facilities has forced the shift to online lear... Read more

  • Overview of top five major sectors connected to Digitization and technology

    MEDC Research Team | 09 MAY,2021

    Introduction In India, there are many essential sectors which help to enhance the economy to grow in a way that use of such sectors to the public becomes easier and more pro... Read more

  • Union Budget Highlights 2021-22

    MEDC | 08 MAY,2021

    The first digital Budget in India’s history was presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman on February 1, 2021. Coming in the wake of the pandemic, it was a liberal... Read more

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