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The Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC) was established in 1957 under the stewardship of (late) Dr. Dhananjayrao Gadgil, eminent Economist and former Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Govt. of India.  It was set up by participation of prominent Chambers of Commerce, Business and Industries Associations in Maharashtra, to “facilitate rapid and balanced economic development of Maharashtra”. The Council acts as an Economic Think-Tank for Business & Industry as also for the Government of Maharashtra.


The Council has always been fortunate to have eminent personalities and experts from Business & Industry, as Presidents, who have actively supported and guided the affairs of the Council. This has made MEDC a unique Research & Development Organisation not only in Maharashtra, but also in India.


MEDC is the only organisation focusing exclusive attention on Economic Development of Maharashtra. With its sustained efforts, it has been facilitating rapid and balanced economic and industrial development of the State. As a part of this strategy, MEDC has accorded top priority in its Agenda, to vital issues such as:

  • Infrastructure Development

  • Balanced Regional Development

  • Industry – Education Partnership

  • Tourism & Hospitality

  • Agriculture and Water Resources

  • Economic Growth & Human Development



MEDC is a ‘development catalyst and investment facilitator’ for the State of Maharashtra – a unique, apolitical and autonomous research organisation working proactively with State Government, Business and Industry, Educationists, Professionals, Bankers, Economists and other leading stakeholders on vital issues of economic development.



MEDC contributes actively to promote and provoke ‘reasoned thinking’ on matters of socio-economic policy both at the National and State level. MEDC’s mainstay is the Policy-Oriented Research. It brings out research memoranda and informative circulars on various aspects of the Economy in general and trade and industry in particular. It has so far published more than 275 publications which have been well-received. MEDC’s publications are of great value to Governments, Business and Industry, Chambers of Commerce, Universities, Consultants, and Research Scholars and Students.

Name of all the MEDC's Committees

1) International Trade & Investment Facilitation
2) Cooperative Banking
3) Banking & Finance
4) Energy - Conventional & Renewable
5) Innovation/ Incubation/ Start Ups
6) Education, Skill Development & Training
7) Infrastructure & Housing
9) Transport & Logistics
10) Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
11) Agriculture & Food Processing
12) Blue Economy
13) ITES & E-commerce
14) Environment & Climate Change
15) Arbitration & Legal Matters
16) Healthcare

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