• The Role of ADR & Judiciary

    CS Pramod Shah and Mr. Shubham Parab, M/s Pramod S. Shah & Associates | 24 NOV,2022

    Introduction: ADR is very essential to reduce the burden of rising cases on various courts in India. The number sums into crores. It is astonishing to note that one lakh case... Read more

  • Understanding e-NAM

    Tanishq Tiwari | 16 NOV,2022

    “e-NAM is not just a scheme but it’s a journey which aims to benefit the last mile farmer and transform the way they sell their agri produce. This intervention bri... Read more

  • Transiting to Digital Learning

    MEDC | 10 MAY,2021

    Introduction Covid has had an unprecedented impact on the education system worldwide. The unprecedented closure of educational facilities has forced the shift to online lear... Read more

  • Overview of top five major sectors connected to Digitization and technology

    MEDC Research Team | 09 MAY,2021

    Introduction In India, there are many essential sectors which help to enhance the economy to grow in a way that use of such sectors to the public becomes easier and more pro... Read more

  • Union Budget Highlights 2021-22

    MEDC | 08 MAY,2021

    The first digital Budget in India’s history was presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman on February 1, 2021. Coming in the wake of the pandemic, it was a liberal... Read more

  • Budget 2019-20 Highlights

    MEDC | 07 JUL,2019

    An overarching vision for a $ 5 trillion economy by 2024 driven primarily by rising investment in the economy. In this context, development of infrastructure has been given ... Read more

  • Loan Waivers: An International Perspective

    Dr. Radhika Lobo | January 23, 2018

    Several instances of debt forgiveness, debt cancellation or loan waivers can be found in world history, the recent one where the UP government waived farmer loans, albeit, sel... Read more

  • The Bank Bailout: Creating more problems than it solves

    January 23, 2018

    The government has recently announced an aggressive Rs. 2.11 lakh crore capital infusion plan for the NPA affected public sector banks (PSBs) over a two year period. Out of th... Read more

  • Tourism Infrastructure in Maharashtra on course but distant from realizing its true potential

    Dr. Kiran Nanda (Economist) | January 1, 2018

    Tourism today is one of the major sectors in global commerce. It contributes nearly 9% of the world GDP – through direct, indirect and induced impact. It accounts for $1... Read more

  • AEROSPACE INDUSTRY IN INDIA - Opportunities and Challenges

    Dr. S. D. Naik (Former Chief, The Economic Times Research Bureau, Mumbai and Economics Editor, The Hindu Business Line, Mumbai Office) | January 1, 2018

    Rapid Growth in Civil Aviation   The Indian aviation industry has grown at a rapid pace over the last decade. Privatisation has opened up gates for many international p... Read more

  • Skill Development - Essential to a Successful and Robust Tourism Sector Growth through Secured Governance

    Mr. Mukund Gupta (Research Scholar in Smart City Development) | December 21, 2017

    Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of Indian economy. Therefore, there is a need to formulate an appropriate policy for skill acquisition and development in the sec... Read more

  • Food Inflation in India: An Assessment

    Dr. R K Pattnaik (Professor at SPJIMR, Mumbai) | November 16, 2017

    Introduction   There is a broad consensus among the academics and policy makers that the economy should maintain a low and stable inflation rate in order to sustain a h... Read more


    Mr. G R Manjunatha (Scientist B, Central Sericultural Research & Training Institute, Berhampore) | October 3, 2017

    In this study the major food grains considered to examine the food price volatility are paddy, wheat, bajra, tur and bengalgram, i.e. considering two major cereals, one major ... Read more

  • Tourism and its contribution to the Economy

    B S Rathor (Advisor & Member, AIRDA) | September 26, 2017

    Tourism is an activity difficult to define and more difficult to comprehend in view of its complexities. It is not a product nor a service but a rare blend of both o... Read more


    Dr.RK Pattnaik (Professor at SPJIMR, Mumbai) | September 26, 2017

    Aerospace is the human effort in science, engineering and business to fly in the atmosphere of Earth (aeronautics) and surrounding space (astronautics). Aerospace industry is ... Read more

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