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  • Moving towards CBDC

    MEDC | 07 NOV,2022

    RBI started the first pilot of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) for the wholesale segment. This marks an important milestone in India's financial history. RBI identified n... Read more

  • Localizing finance

    MEDC | 07 NOV,2022

    In today's world of rising global economic uncertainty, policymakers in India’s finance and banking sector should resist the lure to follow the herd. Research studies ha... Read more

  • Viewpoint: Strengthening the Blue Economy

    MEDC | 31 OCT,2022

    Climate change is having a detrimental effect on the blue economy, as oceans are becoming more acidic. On the flip side, many ocean-based industries such as offshore wind and ... Read more

  • Impending energy crisis

    MEDC | 31 OCT,2022

    The world is now in the midst of its first truly global energy crisis, which is likely to affect industry and society in unpredictable ways. It is especially risky as several ... Read more

  • Fiscal deficit management

    MEDC | 31 OCT,2022

    The forthcoming Budget needs to focus primarily on fiscal deficit reduction. This Budget is being presented at a politically critical juncture, wherein the pressures to turn i... Read more

  • Banking on a broad-based recovery

    MEDC | 31 OCT,2022

    The post-Diwali period began with uncertainty. The Nifty fell by a nominal 2% since last Diwali, and the rupee depreciated almost 9% against the dollar. However, many corporat... Read more

  • Viewpoint: Digital Banking in India

    MEDC | 24 OCT,2022

    Digital banking in India is off to a promising start. The Prime Minister has dedicated 75 digital banking units (DBUs) across the country via video conference. With this initi... Read more

  • 5G in the development process

    MEDC | 24 OCT,2022

    The spread of 5G connectivity is expected to create new value across Indian industry and society. In the medical field, its technological applications, enabled by a set of key... Read more

  • Easing compliances

    MEDC | 24 OCT,2022

    The government plans to introduce a Bill aimed at enhancing the ease of doing business in India. Its key feature will be reducing the punitive measures for a range of minor of... Read more

  • Enhancing GST's robustness

    MEDC | 24 OCT,2022

    India's GST is a finely engineered taxation system, but design issues have limited its effectiveness. Rates of 18% and 28% are unacceptably high, and some see the piling of th... Read more

  • Viewpoint: New Logistics Policy

    MEDC | 17 OCT,2022

    Logistics and supply chain management plays a key role in the socioeconomic growth strategy of any nation. The pandemic exposed the vulnerability in global supply chains and t... Read more

  • Digital currency for trade

    MEDC | 17 OCT,2022

    RBI recently released a concept note on an Indian Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) attempting to address current concerns about this new form of money and justifying its a... Read more

  • Sound banking regulation

    MEDC | 17 OCT,2022

    This year's Economics Nobel Prize was awarded to three US-based researchers who unveiled the centrality of the financial system to economic crisis, showing how policy can and ... Read more

  • Eschew 'open-ended' subsidies

    MEDC | 17 OCT,2022

    A member of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM) said that 'open-ended' freebies should be avoided as the same amount can be better utilized for infras... Read more

  • Viewpoint: Changing economic trends

    MEDC | 10 OCT,2022

    The latest projection by the World Trade Organization (WTO) supports the view that the evolving economic and geopolitical conditions are likely to dampen global trade. Merchan... Read more

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