Upcoming Events

  •    • Green hydrogen Conclave 2 : May-2023
  •    • Redevelopment Way forward : June-23
  •    • Co-operative Bank : July-2023
  •    • Renewable Energy : August-2023

Maharashtra Economic
Development Council

महाराष्ट्र आर्थिक विकास मंडळ

The Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC) is constituted in 1957, by all the prominent Chambers of Commerce in Maharashtra under the stewardship of Dr. Dhananjayrao Gadgil, eminent economist and former Deputy Chairman of the erstwhile Planning Commission, Government of India.

MEDC President

Mr. Ravindra Boratkar,

Mr. Ravindra Boratkar has been elected as President of MEDC. He was elected at 57th annual general meeting (AGM) of Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC).

MEDC Services

The Maharashtra Economic Development Council – MEDC is essentially a development catalyst and investment facilitator of the state of Maharashtra. It is a unique autonomous research organization working proactively with the state government, business and industry, educationists, professionals, bankers, economists and other leading stakeholders on vital issues pertaining to the socioeconomic development of Maharashtra. Some of the services we MEDC provide include:

• MEDC organises various flagship events like the MSME conference, Economic Katta, Cooperative Banks summit etc.

As a member, you are entitled to receive prompt updates on policies and plans, access to a vast directory of trade bodies, research and analytics and much more.

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