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  • Enhancing the ease of doing business in India

    MEDC | 03 FEB,2020

      The ease of doing business in India has increased substantially in the past five years, thanks largely to reforms providing entrepreneurs greater economic freedom. Ind... Read more

  • Wealth creation and economic development

    MEDC | 03 FEB,2020

      With India aspiring to become a $ 5 trillion economy by 2024, the imperative of wealth generation cannot be underestimated. Wealth created by a (socially responsible) ... Read more

  • Viewpoint: Social Mobility and Economic Development

    MEDC | 27 JAN,2020

      Mobility is the fundamental pillar of globalization, as it seeks to bring about a world where ideas, people, goods and services can cross borders with ease and efficie... Read more

  • Rationalizing GST

    MEDC | 27 JAN,2020

      Our GST tangle can partly be explained by the complex federal bargaining that preceded the launch of the new tax. The principle of unanimity during those negotiations ... Read more

  • Why expenditure reforms matter

    MEDC | 27 JAN,2020

      India’s inability to stick to fiscal targets is disconcerting. In this context, we have much to learn from California, which has institutionalized mechanisms to ... Read more

  • Reverse protectionist trends

    MEDC | 27 JAN,2020

      Over the past few years, India is gradually reversing its policy of tariff reduction to one favouring protectionism. This does not bode well for the long-term growth p... Read more

  • Viewpoint: Getting to a $ 5 trillion economy

    MEDC | 20 JAN,2020

      The Indian economy has been facing a slowdown for quite some time now. The sharp deceleration in growth may have dominated the headlines, but what is more worrying are... Read more

  • Dealing with the energy crisis

    MEDC | 20 JAN,2020

      Over 800 million people worldwide today have no access to electricity. More than two billion globally have no clean cooking facilities, forcing them to use toxic alter... Read more

  • Tax rationalization

    MEDC | 20 JAN,2020

        The Indian economy is in urgent need of tax simplification. Rather than coming up periodically with immunity and amnesty schemes, it would be better for the go... Read more

  • Proceeding with economic reforms

    MEDC | 20 JAN,2020

        We need to accept the fact that India will never have economic reforms based on conviction or ideology. Almost all of our major reforms have occurred when the ... Read more

  • Viewpoint: Policy challenges ahead

    MEDC | 13 JAN,2020

      According to the first advance estimates of GDP for the current financial year, the economy is expected to expand by 5%, compared with 6.8% last year. If our economic ... Read more

  • Simplification of GST

    MEDC | 13 JAN,2020

      India’s GST has not (yet) delivered the desired results, and it needs immediate simplification and further rationalization. Many important goods and services (en... Read more

  • Growth and financial stability

    MEDC | 13 JAN,2020

      There is no doubt that the Indian economy needs to be revived, but it is debatable whether it is worth risking financial stability to support short-term growth. The RB... Read more

  • Budget expectations

    MEDC | 13 JAN,2020

      In less than a month from now the Union Budget will be presented, and it will be in the midst of an increasingly unpredictable economic situation. Disinvestment of pub... Read more

  • Viewpoint: The road ahead

    MEDC | 06 JAN,2020

      The new decade has begun in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, and it is spawning a huge amount of economic uncertainty all over the world. With the US Chin... Read more

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