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December 18, 2016 | Ananya Prem Nath

MEDC has conducted Academic Institute meet on 22nd November, 2016 at Y. B. Chavan Center. The purpose of the meeting was to involve academic institutes in practical fields of the business. Cdr. Naik, President of MEDC said that MEDC will identify the industry, since we have a better approach so we can connect the institutes to the several private industries as well as to different government bodies. Also, MEDC will collect the projects from the industry & will let academic institute to know and get involved with it. We are working on building the gap between industry and academic and that’s why we building Youth Cell in the Colleges.

All the Academic Institutes have expressed that Internships are important for student these days; it adds value to their resume and these days’ students’ look forward for it. Everyone agreed to the points that we need to get students beyond academics. Students want Live Project on courses like – econometrics, statistics, etc. and syllabi structure should change. Industry is isolated & institutions are isolated and there is need of connection between it and we need MEDC to help us in this. Sometimes academicians feel that there are no disciplines in the Industry so we need to figure out the correct industry. Also, these days Programmes & courses have been changed, for examples, colleges started the course like Regulation within industry, Climate Change & Water Policy Governance. Education can show in a way that industry can do better. We need to know what is relevant to the students and act according to that. Even faculty needs to understand what the faculty requirements are. Programme of institutions has been changed and now industry and colleges are coming together to work, which is a good sign. Academic institutes feel that Intellectual Vibrancy is gone and students are losing verbal skills so MEDC is ready to help. We are also organizing Student Tour to give students a better impact of the subject. MEDC is conducting “Word of Wisdom” and student exchange programme and we need involvement of all the colleges.


At the end, it was said that MEDC needs syndicated research from the students of different fields. Any institute can come to MEDC with different ideas and approach. MEDC can open the door of professional world for the students. MEDC is conducting one research paper on the Analysis and Effect of Demonetization. We need to know What Other Countries Are doing after demonetization. MEDC also want few topics coming from the institutions side. Each institution should have different areas, so we can conduct Debate, discussions or quiz based on the subject of different streams. Also, we student to do primary survey for their research which will give them subject knowledge.


The meet went so well and we got positive response from the entire academic institute. Now we are looking forward for great collaboration and building a new bridge between academics and industries.



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